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Stark Brook Productions provides quality recording and production services at competitive prices. Studio owner Bob Amos has 25 years of experience as a producer and recording engineer. The studio features a ProTools platform, and a wide variety of editing and mastering programs. Bob specializes in recording acoustic music, but projects recorded by SBP have included many styles, including folk, bluegrass, rock, solo performers, choral groups, and chamber music. Bob can also help to arrange your song and to acquire additional musicians to turn your basic song into a full blown professional production!

For information on recording at Stark Brook Productions, email Bob at:

StarkBrook (insert symbol “at”)

A sampling of artists who have recorded at

Stark Brook Productions

Tom Rush - Folk

Front Range - Bluegrass

Josh Huntsberry - Acoustic Rock

Banjo Dan and Midnight Plowboys - Bluegrass

Jim Arnosky - Children’s Author and Songwriter

Bayley-Hazen Boys - Old Time/Bluegrass/Folk

Rachel Elliott - Contemporary Chamber Music

St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltones - Choral Group

Big Spike - Bluegrass

The Manix - Rock

Drexel Rayford - Contemporary Christian/Folk

Split Second - Rock

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